Prophecy of the year: Church of His Presence – Dedication

Portrait of Pastor John and his wife Brenda (taken from the EditorialLaPaz webpage with permission)


Today, midmorning I was so inclined to listen to the second message of pastor John Kilpatrick that was given last Friday. I had heard the first message given the night before and was so impressed that I could not help think about it — and sometimes I feel a leading of the Holy Spirit — it was indeed a good use of my time. Before leaving, you need to check it out for yourselves, please listen to some highlights.

A suitable text is Daniel 1:17 ” . . . God had given knowledge and skill in every aspect of learning wisdom . . . understanding of all kinds of visions and dreams.”


Pastor John began to review the history, of all places – Las Vegas, how it was before the boom when only 10,000 souls lived there and explained how the city struggled to make a profit. He quoted some names involved with its venture, basically a mobster. That person learned about the gambling casinos in Cuba and began to give himself to the secrets of their success.

He invited many more experienced persons from Cuba to show him how to change his operation. So they did. And he described the pattern of present day operations and how it grew. Many more hotels and casinos were built and pastor John named them all. The result he said was how the patrons come with their money and care less if they lose. The result was gamblers intend to lose, and the houses always win. But the patrons accept it.

How does this work? Pastor John says it is a spirit of gambling along with erotic and erotica, greed and easy profits. People are enticed to come from all over the world and are willing to agree to losing.


“Different locations have different DNA.” He said.

Detroit was a hub for Auto industry; NY City and Rockafeller/Wall Street are the world center for business. And he explained how such places have grown and continue ‘shifting’ events:

Woodstock was a 400,000 people event that required 600 acres that was supposed to be a fun celebration of music. However, the location had to be changed to a large plot of land from Woodstock, NY, to Bethel, NY which created a vacuum of the American Mentality and spiritual powers shifted.

The age of Aquarius was brought into beginning of pornography, free love, and alternate lifestyles. The American culture was ready, and this one-week event enabled the ‘shift’ to occur.

Then, in the 60’s Martin Luther King Jr. came into his place — a vacuum and a shift in American culture. Because of a vacuum, a man emerged — power shifted in our country.


Spirits seek a voice. In the world, humanity has changed, even today . . . these spirits will change the DNA of our nation.

Evil will begin to teach doctrines of demons in our culture.

“Political Correctness” is deception by evil spirits that churches are crippled by. Principalities are regions of demonic authority that ‘arch’ over and above regions. When the culture is not challenged, then its nature is perpetuated and becomes ‘normalized’.

“Such bondage is impossible to deliver from. Unclean spirits always seek a place of rest.” He said citing Matthew 12:43, and Mark. 1:23:

“The spirit of homosexuality is not ours — we are in agreement with Jesus. . . Political correctness is not challenged because anything/everything is being accepted as ‘normal’.


“Ministers today are become a subculture, which is not the Gospel. We must be what God is for and not what the world is for. It’s time to stand up!  . . . The spirit of Evil still seeks rest. My dream is that God will raise up ‘Powershifters’!”

Pastor John then, began to review his history as a young minister and pastor with The Brownsville Church in Pensacola, FL. He described how God spoke to him that, “The heavens are ‘brassing-over’; if you preach what I tell you, I will hold back the brass (dome – from New Orleans to Florida).”

“It was those entrenched spirits that can get stirred up to resist evangelism — “If we are going to war, we need to get serious!” Said Reinhardt Bonke.


The remainder of the message explained the exact steps the Lord had shown him what to do to keep the heavens open and let revival fall. It was in 1993 that he was told that prayer was the key and the whole church family had to be participating.

The Holy Spirit had broken in Toranto, Canada where the heavens were opened. Pastor John tried to get a hold of the Vineyard’s pastor John Arnott but was unable to do so. So his wife volunteered to go, and they made that possible. Pastor John told of the suspense he felt, when she finally called him.

The description of what happened is what I believe is worth everyone should hear. It was a true power shifting in the whole community. But it didn’t happen over night. The fellowship all were in unity and complete devotion . . .

There was this little woman in his church that called him one day for an appointment to speak to him. She had traveled to Seattle, WA and described a prophecy given by Doctor Cho — how revival would begin in Alabama, and move east and up along the east coast to over-power the evil spirits that have strongholds -resting with secular powers, and eventually move throughout the western states because of the latter-days are here.


On Father’s Day 1995, Evangelist Steve Hill and partner Lindell Cooley actually began the revival and stuff happened — denominations shifted.
The prophecy of Ezekiel of the river measuring to the ankles, then the knees, then to the waist, and to the head was descriptive of the meeting place. Love people! Don’t tolerate evil! Resist evil spirits – no rest for them with us! Let them cry out: “Leave us alone!”

“Alabama churches can create a powerful shift, and begin to shift America — to be revived for true worship and a new level of preaching — fresh anointing is coming!” Pastor John said.

“Isaiah 4:4, The glory will be our rear guard. So get ready!”

(I have been impressed to share with you about the excellent messages that we can view at CHP, because they are just into a new building, and the followers of John Kilpatrick Ministries are growing more committed. Please hear the exciting prophecy for yourself. Be encouraged! We are in the last days. If you haven’t experienced their services, plan to spend at least 2 hours watching them.) 🙂