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By Charles Bundschu

(Taken from Wikipedia as public domain, The Four Last Things, 1500, by Hiernymus Bosch)

Go your way, eat your bread, and drink your wine with a cheerful heart [if you are righteous, wise, and in the hands of God], for God has already accepted your works.” Ecclesiastes 9:7 (Amplified)

Looking at this rather disturbing painting, I think I am ready to go on to higher and richer endeavors. I mean, of course, to face the Church’s ‘last four things’. You can see all of them graphically. My visualizing heart leans toward the upper quadrant–the only place where clothes are allowed. Heaven’s door is Jesus. . .

I have written successfully, fifty-nine (59) posts, which is about the same as I had written formerly with; and ten more than the novel, A Worthy Rock (48) I no longer follow, and the novel is finished (Linked here by topic, if you can find it.); but I remember that every so often–every nineteen (19) articles–I had written a hub. But this hub I need to link and index all the topics covered.

(I was just thinking that is more than an access to all I’ve written in theology401. And, since I have not used tags as they were posted, the tags can now be listed and linked. Otherwise my links can be targeted and focused to take the reader directly to the post — still in work.)


The church’s basic teaching ( about death is priority, but I have googled ‘death to blogging’ instead. This explains that the original social-media-generated creations were supposed to generate a growing following, well since it is declining, something better has to come along.

Keven Drum with Andrew Sullivan (Mother Jones Magazine, and are learning what this means. “‘Old school’ pretty much means a daily weblog with frequent updates written by one person (or two) but not much more.Ezra Klein (Wonkblog, Washington Post) agrees because, “conventional blogging doesn’t scale well.” (scale: social traffic) Even when bloggers link themselves and expand topics upon topics–gaining more interesting fields, and linking to catch the media searches, doesn’t help. We understand. Applying our content to more categories wouldn’t help. (God is in charge here.)


The church’s teaching concerning judgment is priority here, but the old-school blog-sites are not able to keep up with the likes of facebook. What facebook does is enable every wall to have access to every other family or friend’s wall–no search engine involved–conversations have to flow more easily. . .”short and focused”.


I believe in the holy catholic (universal) church. (Not the Roman Catholic, although with it’s mass of teachings growing so as to be inclusive for everyone’s idea of what’s right and wrong.) History is my friend here. Where we owe a debt of gratitude to the Vatican for keeping some of all the authentic records–to have preserved the actual documents that support the oldest biblical sources. But, and hear this, the world has more original copies held for verification. Reviewing my copy of The Greek New Testament has shown this.

My own death is coming sooner than later, right? I have already lived a full and satisfying life. So now, it stands to reason I can look forward to a full and satisfying death. Death does not end life. Death for the ungodly ends life in a torment of painful existence. Death for the godly is a transition to something better. Let me confirm this.

The says, ‘When infinite justice takes over. . .’ Catechism 1021 and 1022 explain each of us will be rewarded immediately after breathing stops, according to our works and faith. At the very moment of departure, each man receives his eternal retribution in his immortal soul–the judgment that refers to his life in Christ. Blessedness and honor, (heaven) after purification, or eternal damnation in hell.

And, Anthony DeStefano tells us with his Travel Guide to Heaven, “When we get to heaven, we won’t know what to do first! There’ll be no limit to imagination–sacred, holy work will be play! Constantly growing, our minds, psychologically challenged to what’s more enjoyable! As long as we have new bodies, with more time to exist–no end in heaven. Feelings of pleasure will happen from God’s presence; no boredom there! Transcendent times . . . Everything will be so much better! [note: No marriage in heaven, but relationships will be cherished. Teaching of the resurrection of the body, doctrine of interest is overly interpreted–practice of true love, selfless giving–love in heaven is universal; all true bonds on earth will last, and true revelations will be understood.]”


The only reason for hell in the first place, was to chain up the demons along with Satan. But when each of the Old Covenant prophecies were being fulfilled in One Person, Yeshua, Jesus of Natzaret (Nazareth), the opportunities for recognizing him as God’s Son were hard to dismiss. Read John D. Keyser here:

This is a challenge: our theology posts, explain a lot of biblical stuff. If you have any questions, please comment. I am making every issue easy to see. Figuring four tags per post, that means a list of 240 tags. We have the time. And now, already, the indexes are linked above and below — scriptural index is next. . .


See the text used above, that came from this day’s devotion, and my marked Amplified Bible. See note: ‘Robert Jeffress, Guilt-free Living, whole book written on this one verse.’ [Exactly what I needed. Thank you Father!]

(Indexes are linked here) The Lord bless and keep you,

Charles Bundschu

Editor for the Author, Frank Ketoret


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