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The Mount Zion Monestary, (Church of the Domition), looking southwest from Mount of Olives by Berthold Werner


Psalm 48: 1,2 (AMP),Great is the Lord, and highly to be praised in the city of our God! His holy mountain, fair and beautiful in elevation, is the joy of all the earth—[a]Mount Zion [the City of David], to the northern side [Mount Moriah and the temple], the [whole] city of the Great King!”

[a]This psalm is a celebration of the security of Zion. See the beauty of Zion as God’s unconquerable fortress.

Welcome to Theology401

As a lay theologian who believes to hear from God in my heart daily, I desire to record it journalisticly. My purpose is to know God by faith, to learn to serve God first, and build his kingdom by sharing him and  his divine pleasure – with prayer and faith-filled words as needed by social media friends and followers.
Psalms 125:1,2 (AMP) “Those who trust in, lean on, and confidently hope in the Lord are like Mount Zion, which cannot be moved but abides and stands fast forever. As the mountains are round about Jerusalem, so the Lord is round about His people from this time forth and forever.”


Theology401 is about a personal calling to minister reliable doctrine (teaching) that we hear by posting all that we can find in our library or on the internet concerning Christian theology.  I have been a professing Christian over 50 years and have learned much of what the Bible says consistently. [ is the link here.]

I  dearly want to relate positively with friends and family. I just heard today why many family members are not friended on facebook, our friends and family use facebook with work associates. Family have no   business there. I can understand that.

(“Ordained as a deacon, licensed as a student preacher, and baptized in the Holy Spirit.”)

Author Randy Alcorn defines theology as “a study of God’s relation to the world – understanding what God has revealed to you in his word.” (From HEAVEN, Preface, paragraph Structure and Content, page xiv.)

the-ol’o-gy, n.; pl. the-ol’o-gies, [ME. theologie, teologie; OFr. theologie; L. theologia, from Gr. theologia, theos, god and logos, discourse.] (Webster’s New Universal Unabridged Dictionary)

We promise to promote understanding of how, in reality, God desires to communicate with his creation.  He is real, so we can really hear what He wants to tell us.  He is concerned with every detail of our lives.  So, why not just stop and listen?

You know, “He who made your ear can also hear you speak.” (Ps. 94:9)
God’s word is living and powerful . . . “Study to show yourself approved of God. It takes some work. But there is no shame in discovering God’s personal word to you.” (Hebrews 4:12; 2 Timothy 2:15 paraphrased)

Please click on the following linked contents: (A good example is: The Structure of Belief Systems [13] about the ‘Heart-of-the-fire’ texts inspiring our children’s story, Going up with Yeshua, and showing the doctrinal basis for such an original theme.)


1. Finding yourself filled up with a reservoir of knowledge ; (Apr 26)

2. The hallmark of intelligence is the quality of the process ; (May 9)

3. Theology is the soil of impirical truth-studies; (may 16)

4. Theology401: Anatomy of the woman’s dream; (May 29)

5. The dynamics of our place in God’s kingdom; (May 31)

6. Everything you ever wanted to know about theology; (Jun 3)

7. The fabric of theology: warp and woof of rational knowledge; (Jun 5)

8. Need to know:  Are there secrets that can be leaked to God’s media from God’s government? (Jun 10)

9. Transcending ways of knowing: Memory. (Jun 14)

10. Thoughtful Soil – With ‘Organizational Theory for Everything’. (Jun 28)

11. Personally applying true opinions to life. (Jul 1)

12. Discovering God’s Love Along the Roman Road. (Jul 3)

13. The ‘Structure of Belief Systems’. (Jul 16)

14. Saving Mister Banks’ – Our movie review. (Jan 4)

15. How I forgot the bad with the good news. (Jan 14)

16. Frank Ketoret’s ‘A Worthy Rock’ – Our book review. (Jan 20)

17. The ‘Narrative Arcs’ of A Worthy Rock – analysis of three books about Levonah (Jan 23)

18. You may ask, ‘What makes something worth my time and focus?‘ (Feb 11)

19. Our edit of the day: Apologetics – Why your church needs it. (Feb 21)

20. Agent for hope: Our social media ‘Intelligent Personal Agent’ Award. (Feb 28)

21. Feeding on ‘Honey from the Rock’ – A biblical metaphor. (Mar 5)

22. How to build a tree house in your heart. (Mar 23)

23. An All-Fool’s Day admonition:  Know your enemy. (Apr 1)

24. A birthday philosophy that remembers living immortality. (Apr 21)

25. No sugar coated life. Why today was so good. (May 8)

26. The forest floor. Finding children’s potential. (May 13)

28. God’s memorials: A dedication of anything. (Dec 14)

27. God’s memorials: The white angel. (Dec 11)

29. Life like war, is what we expect – having control over the enemy of our souls. (Feb 12)

30. Finding Truth. (Jun 8)

31. How to just slip into eternity. (Jun 9)

32. FINDING TRUTH – Understanding love. (Jun 12)

33. FINDING TRUTH – Hope is not in Islam found. (Jun 14)

34. FINDING TRUTH – Wear your children like jewels. (Jun 16)

35. FINDING TRUTH – The finished work of the cross. (Jun 18)

36. FINDING TRUTH – Growing in grace to be sanctified. (Jun 19)

37. Honoring Dad and his Grandpapa by Charles Bundschu III. (Jun 21)

38. FINDING TRUTH – The bear that killed reason. (Jun 24)

39. FINDING TRUTH – God weaves signs as Last Day looms. (Jun 27)

40. GO TO THE LIGHT – The vision from the top of the mountain. (July 5)

41. GO TO THE LIGHT – God cares about his name. (July 8)

42. GO TO THE LIGHT – Giving God glory for his delivering word. (July 10)

43. FUTURE FAITH – Cyber Secure Theology – Video. (July 14)

44. FUTURE FAITH – Prophecy about biblical Elam (Iran’s destruction) (July 17)

45. FUTURE FAITH – Healing dysfunctional children of God (July 19)

46. FUTURE FAITH – ‘Signs of the Times’ Prophecy conference, my review Part 1 – videos (July 23)

47. FUTURE FAITH – ‘Signs of the Times’ Prophecy conference, my review Part 2 – videos (July 25)

48. FUTURE FAITH – ‘Signs of the Times’ Prophecy conference, my review Part 3 – videos (July 30)

49. FUTURE FAITH – Saying yes to life inspite of everything. (Aug 2)

50. F.A.M.I.LY. – Future arrangement making in latter years. (Aug 3)

51. FAMILY STUFF – What I mean when I say I am praying for you. (Aug 15)

52. You can’t have the mind of Christ without the heart for God. (Aug 19)


54. September plans are fulfilling Bible prophecies to the day! (Aug 29)

55. CHP Dedication by Evangelist Lindell Cooley. (Sep 7)

56. CHP Dedication by Pastor John Kilpatrick. (Sep 8)

57. Dysfunctional families are still fully functional hearts. (Sep 8)

58. The Great City revealed: ‘Mystery Babylon’ is America. (Sep 15)

59. A BIRTHDAY PHILOSOPHY – Showing the open door to heaven.  (Sep 18)

60. The four forces of eternal nature. (Sep 22)

(Please notice the indexes and crossreferences that help hub all the posts together)

Please do email me as editor your thoughts by comment, or tweet Frank:


Frank Ketoret @wordlifejournal

(the Author, [])


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