FUTURE FAITH – ‘Signs of the Times’ prophecy conference, my review part three – video

Katy Perry in her Egyptian goddess costume into occult witchcraft?

(L.A. Marzulli is presenting his second night lecture for ‘Signs . . .’ having prayed the blood of Yeshua-Jesus, and putting on the full armor of God.)


“Who is the prince of the power of the air?” L.A. asked rhetorically.

“SATAN — The father of lies, deceptive in the most seductive and appealing style — extremely dangerous

“Ruler of this age, fallen cherub! This is not the Gospel message like we get in church, but this is soundly biblical.”

SIGN FACT:  “Witnessing UFO’s, 20% to 30% of our population encounter even a thousand sightings in a month. UFO’s have the ability to switch dimensions. They can channel in and out of the 2nd heaven (outer space). Protocol of the heavenly war is not found in the biblical narrative, because it is in Yeshua, Jesus is our Mediator. In Him we have safety, security, and protection.”

“Being freed from bondage is our miracle because of God’s grace and the work of Yeshua-Jesus. One event that changed everything: The Gospel that the world now can access because of the telecom satelites, we have one world system, but Yeshua said, ‘Even the elect will be deceived.’ (See Watchers7 Video of flying saucer.)

“What can we do when we see such awsome sightings? We need to say it like it is: not to be deceived, this is a work of the demonic, say, ‘The LORD rebuke you!’. My book, Further Evidence shows, ‘The Days of Jered (‘descent’)’ upon Mount Hermon. (Reference to abovetopsecret.com that explains extra-biblical, Sethite theory.)


“And Katy Perry’s video is documented as the work of evil-occultic witchcraft. Worshiping Egyptian god of Ishtar. We do need to be aware of this concept of glorification of ancient fertility godesses, if only to protect the hearts and minds of our young people. It is a real tactic of our archenemy. Learn about his objectives to kill, steal, and destroy. We can defeat him — with God’s help.

“Ezekiel 8: An unclean thing is in the Temple (the temple of the human heart) Put on the armor of God . . . And still our society is taught according to the Darwinian Paradigm. So the United States rejects UFO sightings. What if the fallen one has lost his ability to appear between dimensions . . . even because we claim it by faith?” L.A. said.


“Genesis 3:15, Seed of the serpent — cosmic war objective to bring in the antimessiah/antichirst. But a counter move in a cosmic chess game is the former Canadian Defense Minister, Paul Hellyer, says that ‘UFO’s are as real as the aircraft we have identified in controlled airspace!’ Look at the evidence! Laws of physics are suspended.


Jump through space: Robert Salas and Captain Bradford Runion tell of 20-ton sylo door lifted in 1967. (report of dream-like sequense and description of abductors)


“Paul McGuire talked about his difficulty in combining technology with angels, but now he believes that is the case. We’re looking at a spiritual / technical manifestation of the phenomena. And, this is only one aspect of it. The good angels also seem to have similar equipment and far different reasoning. (Ezekiel 10, Matt 24).”

The purpose of seeking our human semen is to procreate their own non-human spieces — surgically not sexually. And if that is the case, our government cannot defend us from such enemies — and all human nations must unite against it. Bring on the one world order/government; United Nations defense systems, even secretly.


“There are biblical narratives that show and tell of rescues from prison. The apostle Peter (Kefa) was released miraculously by an angel, and it is plainly documented. That is open to us, but what is hidden is that fallen ones can manipulate the physical realm too. (We believe some things, but not others.)”


“The church needs to lead in this teaching. Bill’s abduction and implant story tells of prayer taking authority — it happened to me, as we did this, and it is something indefensible. Other examples of supernatural abductions: cow heart extraction, without surgery or open wound . . . a breeding program to create hybrid humanoids.” (quoting Bill here)


“Jewish authorities deny there are Jewish hybrid beings walking around among us. We can’t deny this! We are pushed to the change, and it has happened.’ Said Dr. David Jacobs. ‘I dispair!’ He said. Brings us to the replacement program of Genesis 3; Satan is trying to counter us. The last stand time is coming: The great falling away — Deception.” L.A. said.


“The examinations of the skulls shown were made by an outside Raman Spectroscopy outside (independent) agency. How is it possible to manipulate the human genome? The fallen ones want the human DNA to use their technology (genius) to manufacture hybrid humans — that are more like us — deceptively conforming.”

The Fox News network is making soft discloser that this is happening. ‘One is left, one is taken.’ Proof of alien hand print and the coming great deception — Malevalent Nephilim: The Fourth Kind is my explanation of the modern scriptural enemy incursion. What the enemy can do, God permit, he will do.”


Interdimensional versus extraterrestrial are the choices. With a little evidence and guidance of the Holy Bible, the supernatural is easily deniable by darwinists. They are not spiritually perceptive, and as a result, they have no clue of the difference. New Ager’s report twisting half-truths, or channeled information? The church is blind.”


Ashtar Command, Brotherhood of Light; cleansing and realignment. Where does Yeshua-Jesus come? How does he come in reality, and cautiously, all this will be happening as we are fearfully and wonderfully made — we will ‘put on immortality’. Take a few minutes and review this. (I have never seen this before.)


Intelligent Design — all life on earth is created by aliens? Transthermia? (anti-bible) Reincarnated? The Vatican Father Funes and Erich Von D –– Darwinism is not proven, and cannot be proven, but DNA always works.” Primiras; Days of Noah — movie, Where do the first replicating molecules begin? Richard Dawkins, Stein.

“Jesus just says, ‘Be healed.’ and they are. Because we are God? Panspermia is a great deception (church is shown as a man with his head in the sand. Even talk about these things. The Coptic; UFO; Angel of Light seen as some angelic vision, mean believers are deceived — alien satanic seeded here; signs revealing nephilim in the days of Noah. Video — prayer (Liberty University service showing 4-year old).


Robotic sarcophogus, Katy Perry tumble morphed alien head shown as shape of shifting entity. The singing, shape-shifting entity, showing eyes changing, graphic enhanced — it is all there: Genesis 6; Book of Enoch; sin; kaimira? Pray! War against this! Ezekiel 8 moment, children need  to understand the world we live in.

“Doctrine of Demons. Detroit is unveiling demonic prayer for medium J.Z. Knight, channeler for strategic divine intervention . . . depart from the faith . . .”

L.A. Murzulli ended the meeting with a sobering thought. “I believe our loving LORD is Lord of all. His presence is here with us, and he will bless and keep you, the LORD make his face to shine on you being gracious to you, and the LORD lift up his face to you and give you shalom-peace. Amen and amen.”


(Editor note: transcribing my notes from three nights of lectures, I have learned to obey the Lord’s lead to do it. If you think about this subject very much, you have to look away and thank the Father for a fresh breath of cool air, and seek renewel here. There are many questions here that remain. When linking the brief notes that I took with the internet, many of the answers were there. It is a big study, but well worth the time to find the answers.

I meant no offense or claim of authority by linking this material. It is all public domain, and I hold no rights to any of the judgments made personally. The persons shown in media or entertainment are their own agents for the good or bad publicity they have paid for. Nothing personal is made by this report. We call a spade, a spade.

Hense, the primary agency we have relied upon in observing and reporting this material is the Holy Spirit, Whom has confirmed the objective of his word of knowledge: to reveal in our hearts, the truth from darkness to light and help us see the error of our ways. I have seen the sin that so easily beset me, repented and received sanctified cleansing and the ability to stop willingly doing it. (Thank you Yeshua-Jesus!)  Amen.

The Lord showed me today that our Future Faith is like the parable of the Vinedresser, (John 15:1-6; vineyard, Isaiah 5:1): I am the true vine, and My Father is the vinedresser. (Romans 11:17) Anyway, this article, is an example of the fruit that I am given to bear for the Father and his Son in the power of the Holy Spirit. The Master gardener knows all the bad and evil in our unholy world. We can be assured he will prune and deweed for us.

Beautiful for situation (elevated holiness), the joy of the whole earth, is Mount Tziyon (Zion) in the far north (where the new Jerusalem actually is — beyond the north star), the city of the Great King. (But I wouldn’t swear by it, Matthew 5:35).

Adonai bless and keep you all,

Charles (Facebook wall)

@wordlifejournal, Author, Frank Ketoret


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