You may ask, ‘What makes something worth my time and focus?’

The synthesis and evaluation of A Worthy Rock — the highest levels of learning.

Yesterday, we celebrated Friday by having a meeting, praying together, and watching the Olympics.  It was Valentine’s Day.  Our meeting was important because we hadn’t planned for the day, and we needed to catch up with each other’s heart concerns.  For the first time, my spouse told me of a new development with her breast that she shared was a serious symptom.  Our brief discussion amounted to this.  You are a fighter.  I said.  No, I am already healed by faith in what God has shown me.  She said.  I could agree with that.  Our prayer was, thank you God, Father of our Lord Jesus, who gives us faith to enter the latter days of our lives.  We trust you with every eventual detail of getting us off your stage and into the wings. Amen.

The remainder of the day was worry free and filled up with watching young people compete for the honor and glory they have worked so hard to achieve in world arenas.  I watched the skiing and thought back to my high school days when I was asked to be on the Reno High Ski Team — because I was new blood, and confessed that I knew how to ski, and owned my own skis.  They wanted me to jump.  I tried it and liked it.  We won the far west event and qualified for the junior national event.

Alone and going to the top on a Utah ski lift. (Wikipedia)

Alone and going to the top on a Utah ski lift. (Wikipedia)

I’m telling this because my mind went back to a time when I was alone on a chair lift going up to the top. . . Ever been there?  I had an a-hah moment.  Ever have one of those?  I could see everything in all its glory and felt better than I ever felt about myself, and I heard a still, small voice within my conscious mind say, This is pretty isn’t it?  Would you like to live and work here to be your best mountain-man self enjoying the mountain-man life with other mountain people?

This self confrontation was a new thing in my young life that showed me my life was real, that I mattered, and that I was soon to make some choices about my life’s directions.  It was very peaceful, timely, and I was present with all my faculties to hear and participate in such a query.  You ever been there?  So I answered the inner reflection with what I felt was my true heart’s desire.  ‘No sir.  I would give all this up to do just and only what I was designed and created for — in the greater picture of my life.’  I confess my heart was way ahead of me, my soul and conscious mind was limited, was being shown the highest and most picturesque panorama I had ever seen — all alone.  But it was done without regret and with a trusting soul.

That was my first inkling of my worth before a Global Conscience (God), although, I was not officially acquainted with Him.  Yet looking back, every event necessary to put me in such a place to tell someone a story that is worth their time and focus, has been made, and made again, over until perfected enough to give personal assurance of a certain value high enough to claim the claim of ultimate worthiness.

To answer honestly, we need to look to eternal records that can give a worthy answer.  So, let me put you in that place of being alone before the power of the world, cosmos — global consciousness.  Much like the story here, where Yeshua has just been immersed by his cousin, and tells his followers (sister and escort) he will be gone for forty days.  He was lifted up much like alone on a ski lift only far far away.  His trial was a very extreme event, yet he was filled up with his eternal Father’s presence in the Holy Spirit. . .

Yeshua represents the one historical person most worthy of our best time and focus.

His trial was victorious and most successful because he could see above the horizon, like I did that day on the ski lift in only a few minute’s version of what Yeshua went through over a lunar cycle and a half.  We had been given some perspective of the worthiness of or value in our life to be lived.  Ever go there?  Well we need to consider what happened to him.  Though not covered in the story, the personal effect upon his soul and personality was dynamic.  We need to see this and learn the value of what he had to win out.

“If you worship me, I will give you all you see that is in my power to give you.”  Satan (Adversary) said.  “The Tanakh says, ‘Worship ADONAI your God and serve him only.'” Yeshua said.  Two more questions were thrown at the Son of Man concerning his provision and protection, and he answered with sources of food and security that don’t have to be challenged. (Luke 4:1-12) And the adversary went away.  Yeshua represents the one historical person that is the most worthy of our own best time and focus.

Following the analysis of the stories, considering the three narrative arcs, including the break down of physical plot, emotional character development, and intentional themes; the synthesis (a priori) is necessary to evaluate such analyses effectively or worthily.

“The phrases “a priori” and “a posteriori” are Latin for “from what comes before” and “from what comes later” (or, less literally, “[from first principles, but] before experience” and “after experience”). They appear in Latin translations of Euclid‘s Elements, a work widely considered during the early European modern period as the model for precise thinking.”  (from Wikipedia linked above, ‘synthesis‘)

You can be confident that when reading the story of Levonah, you are looking at life from a mature girl’s eyes.  What better perspective can we have?  Her heart is choosing to live obediently and decisively according to the Torah record which she has studied for four long years before her Bat Mitzvah.  She was given the best advantage that God has to offer every youth who has ever lived.

Concluding this, our story’s synthesis is found as defined as unfolding experience.  This is much like life is lived in story form — a progression from event to event.  We can read the last chapter to see what happens. But then there is no experience to support the reality as it is expressed, therefore it is not valued.  The story of Levonah and her talmidah, Yeshuwah, is told as close to the record of scripture as possible, for the only reason of helping the reader experience it’s knowledge and benefits.  It is believably applicable and therefore worthy of our time and focus.

Our Valentine’s Day being over, today we are focused on the most valuable and worthy thoughts and activities we can have.  We’ve had our devotions.  Is it any wonder how life keeps on going and giving new surprises to keep us focused?  We want what life has to bring us.  And together we should find the best heart-filling events truly worth our time and focus . . . to glorify the One who is Love transcending all.

Charles, editor, WordLifeJournal, A Worthy Rock


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